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The smallest portable rolling mill offered by UltraPras. Designed with fitters performing their work on-site (i.e. at the customer’s establishment) in mind. Its light weight (26 kg) and small dimensions ensure problem-free transport. The rolling mill can be driven by a motoreducer or manual crank. In the standard option, the rolling mill is equipped with hardened bending rollers for rectangular profiles. It is possible to order pipe-rolling rollers made from quenched steel or plastic.


This rolling mill’s main advantages are:

  • Hydraulic pressing force – rolling mills until now had screw-action pressing force.
  • Low noise level – within the limits of 50 dB, which corresponds to the sound level of a normal conversation between two people or the operation of a printer.
  • Mobility/light weight – capability of taking the machine to work with you.
  • Modular design – allows for quick disassembly of nearly every part of the machine
  • Quick and easy operation.
  • Additional 1:2 gear transmission
  • Quality guarantee.
  • Rollers and main shaft with rolling bearings.
  • The machine’s rapid operation and high precision save time, which translates to reduced operation and maintenance costs.
  • The machine is powder-painted.
  • Negligible failure frequency and quick maintenance.
  • Materials of the highest quality at a competitive price compared to Chinese product.
  • Very aesthetic appearance.
  • Its openwork design affords the machine its light weight of 26kg as well as transparency of the rolling process
  • Simple design: the machine is characterized by a very simple design, ensuring easy maintenance and part replacement
  • Quench-hardened drive transmission and load-carrying elements: gear transmission, bending rollers and shaft of active bending roller heat treated to over 50HRC, ensuring long, failure-free operation of the machine. Shafts of bottom bending rollers made of quench-hardened rod
  • Motoreducer: motor power 0.35 kW, motor revolutions 1380 rpm, revolutions on transmission output 24 rpm, gear ratio l=58, noise level 20 dB, Polish manufacturer
Pressing force
  • Hydraulic actuator: pressing force of top roller and profile bending effected by pumping of the hydraulic actuator
Bending rollers
  • Straight rollers: the machine’s standard equipment includes straight bending rollers for rolling of structural profiles. The machine can be equipped with rollers for rolling of pipes and rods
  • CE mark: The machine is compliant with the basic health and safety conditions laid down in the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • The gear transmission guard ensures safe work of the operator with the machine
Machine transport
  • The machine’s weight of 26kg makes manual transport of the rolling mill problem-free

39 kg (with motoreducer: 46 kg)

Rated voltage

230 V

Motor revolutions

1380 rpm

Bending roller revolutions

24 rpm

Pressing force

2000 kg

Overall dimensions
  • length: 707 mm
  • height: 486 mm
  • width: 217 mm
Noise level

50 dB

Motor power

0,35 kW

Gear transmission
  • efficiency: 0,98
  • gear ratio: 2:1
Minimal radius *

250 mm

* – that can be achieved, approximate value due to diversity of materials

Maximum dimensions of rolled profile

50 mm x 50 mm x 2 mm / Ø50 mm x 1,5 mm

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