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To ensure versatile application of our machines, we prepare custom tool designs used in machines from the UltraPras company.

Machines manufactured by UltraPras facilitate production processes at your company.

Manufacturer of benders, hydraulic presses and punching machines

The UltraPras company is a design and trade company. We have been operating in the cold metal forming industry for several years, providing proprietary solutions in the field of hydraulic presses for steel, pipe punching machines and benders. For the needs of our clients, we also design industrial tools, i.e. blanking dies with a wide range of applications.

Our machines and blanking dies are characterized by high quality of workmanship, which goes hand in hand with failure-free solutions offered and optimization of operating costs. We support entrepreneurs specializing in plastic metalworking at every stage of the production process. We provide reliable solutions that we can adapt to the individual needs of a given production plant.

As a manufacturer of benders …

… we provide solutions enabling precise and efficient rolling of metal elements in a continuous and repeatable manner. Rolling mills are our specialties. Rolling mill is a device often found in the industrial industry that allows efficient processing of profiles, flat bars and pipes.

As a manufacturer of hydraulic presses …

… we supply our customers with devices with very diverse operating parameters – from universal hydraulic presses to eccentric presses. Our hydraulic presses are used in the industrial and mechanical industries. Their operation is based on exerting pressure by using pressure in closed hydraulic circuits, thanks to which they are characterized by high efficiency and easy operation.

As a manufacturer of punching machines …

… we design and build machines that enable plastic working of profiles, sheets and pipes. Our punching machines enable fast and precise processing of metal elements, at the same time distinguished by easy and uncomplicated operation.

Customers interested in specialized machines intended for cold forming of metals are encouraged to familiarize themselves with our product range in detail, and in case of questions or doubts contact their UltraPras representative. Our specialist will answer all your questions and help in choosing the machine that best meets the requirements of the supported production or technological process.

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To ensure customer satisfaction and problem-free tool operation, all punch presses are made from 1.2379 steel of the highest quality, which assures a long operating lifetime. Every machine and punch press manufactured at our company is tested and thus free from structural defects. Strict adherence to the conditions of use ensures a long lifetime, as confirmed by our satisfied customers.


Contact us to receive samples of pieces made on our machines. Check our quality and capabilities.


Machine presentations are held at the headquarters of UltraPras and at customers’ establishments. Contact us to discuss the conditions of the presentation.


To meet our customers’ needs, it is possible to adapt our machines and blanking tools for individual pieces.

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